Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
Sweet Summer Sweat / The other Way

Two plays to question the identity item :

Sweet Summer Sweat deals with a couple, Frank and Lou Spartel, going through several situations at different stages of their life : it makes seven sequences that can be edited in an order or another. Characters : one man and one woman. Duration : 1h30

The other Way is a soliloquy for a man or a woman. Duration : 1h15

The two plays are published together in the same collection, Editions Théâtrales. Their author has been honoured for them by the Lyon's Playwrights Days Prize

Sweet Summer Sweat  followed by L'Autre Chemin
Editions Théâtrales
ISBN 978-2-84260-454-7 - 96 pp. - 12,50 €

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