Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
Birdy Lilou
Lilou lives near the sea. Since she was little, she likes to run in the dunes, play to make the seagulls fly away... One day, she finds a wounded bird at the foot of a cliff. With the help of her father, ornithologist, she feeds him, treats him, takes care of him... Shortly after, Lilou meets in the dunes Djidjo, a brown skin boy who seems lost. Who is he? Where does he come from? Thanks to Lilou’s friendship, Djidjo will soon find a new family, a new nest...
From 8 years old
Lilou les Oiseaux
Editions du Sabot rouge, collection Roman jeunesse
Watercolors by Pierre-Yves Cezard
ISBN 978-2-490697-55-7
52 pages - Price : 9€
June 2023
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