Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
In the Line of Princes

« Hello and wellcome to the Fearsome Circus ! »

Le Redoutable, a nuclear submarine, is lying two hundred meters  down at the bottom of the Pacific. All attempts to save it have failed. The crew has only a few hours of oxygen and electricity left before their inescapable death.
To ‘use life up to the last drop’, the crew decides to stage a makeshift circus performance. When the rescue team finally breaks into the vessel a few days later, they find a videotape of their one-of-a-kind performance.

HARDUIN – All men from 7 and 8  are requested to proceed to gangway A3 for their final instructions ! Everyone should meet in the cafeteria in two minutes ! Please use Joy Street, since War Training Avenue has been requisitioned as a dressing room where the artists can warm up and put on their make-up !

DAVIOUD – What is this all bout ?

DELANGRE – It’s the megaphone in the machine room. They must have cut off the P.A. system to save electricity.

Actes du Théâtre n° 19
June 2004 – december 2004
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