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Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
Un clic, un texte
Claudel chez Bernanos
> Le jeune Homme Paul  à Paris !
RV à l'Espace Georges Bernanos
4 rue du Havre 75009 Paris
(St Lazare, Havre-Caumartin, Auber)
vendredi 6 décembre 20h30
samedi 7 décembre 20h30
dimanche 8 décembre 17h
Résas : 01 45 26 65 22
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Knightly Vigil

It's june and, like every year in this seaside village near Calais, one prepares the solstice festival.

But there are, this very year, some new data :

Firstable, the police roundups against illegal immigrants are becoming tougher and tougher ; then, the new mayor asks for a brighter cultural and historical heritage visibility  during the celebration. And - last but not least - old Jean-Baptiste disappeared : did he get lost ? Did he flee ? Could he have been kidnapped ?

His son, in charge of security in the Chunnel, and his grand daughter, who occasionally hear unknown voices talking to her, pursue investigations...


Characters : 1 man - 4 women

Duration : about 100 mn


> This play has been selected by Entractes : read an excerpt by clicking here


> in french

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