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Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
Un clic, un texte
Claudel chez Bernanos
> Le jeune Homme Paul  à Paris !
RV à l'Espace Georges Bernanos
4 rue du Havre 75009 Paris
(St Lazare, Havre-Caumartin, Auber)
vendredi 6 décembre 20h30
samedi 7 décembre 20h30
dimanche 8 décembre 17h
Résas : 01 45 26 65 22
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Starling's brain
Written during a residency in a Neurobiology Laboratory, Starling's brain intends to show how human brain works.
The play can be defined as a "scientific comedy".
Penelope is a young teen whose memory doen't seem to work properly - especially at school. Her father tries to understand what happens in his daughter's brain, and asks a psychologist to help him. But the three of them may have some surprises...
Tête de Linotte
L'Ecole des Loisirs ed.
64 pp. - 7€
Any audience from 8 y. o.
3 characters : 1 girl, 1 woman, 1 man
Duration : 1 h

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