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Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
5 spectacles contés à jouer partout
Juby, En attendant Dersou , En pure Perte, Signé Kiko et Les Murmures de Haute-Claire  en tournée "à la carte" (musées, théâtres, bibliothèques, établissements scolaires, à domicile...), prenez date ! (onglet cont@ct, ci-dessus)
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Paper wedding

A family play, for 3 characters  (2 women, 1 man)

Two letters wait in a postal train... They decide to jump out of it and make their way...

One of them, as a break-up letter, is searching for a flame to burn, in order not to arrive, the other one is a declaration of love and has to hurry up...

Fortunately, they meet an outcast, Lukengo, in their runaway. He'll deal with the three of them.

Published by Lansman :

Collection Théâtre à Vif n°120, ISBN n° 978-2-87282-725-1

The play has been created in France in november 2009 by Compagnie Fond de Scène (director : Olivier David), featuring Pascale Blaison, Laure Pages and Ucka Ludovic Ilolo.

Duration : 1 hour

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