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Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
Trois petites formes théâtrales
En pure Perte, Juby, Le jeune Homme Paul  et En attendant Dersou  toujours en tournée "à la carte" (musées, théâtres, bibliothèques, lycées, bars, à domicile...)
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Un clic, un texte
In the Line of Princes

« Hello and wellcome to the Fearsome Circus ! »

Le Redoutable, a nuclear submarine, is lying two hundred meters  down at the bottom of the Pacific. All attempts to save it have failed. The crew has only a few hours of oxygen and electricity left before their inescapable death.
To ‘use life up to the last drop’, the crew decides to stage a makeshift circus performance. When the rescue team finally breaks into the vessel a few days later, they find a videotape of their one-of-a-kind performance.

HARDUIN – All men from 7 and 8  are requested to proceed to gangway A3 for their final instructions ! Everyone should meet in the cafeteria in two minutes ! Please use Joy Street, since War Training Avenue has been requisitioned as a dressing room where the artists can warm up and put on their make-up !

DAVIOUD – What is this all bout ?

DELANGRE – It’s the megaphone in the machine room. They must have cut off the P.A. system to save electricity.

Actes du Théâtre n° 19
June 2004 – december 2004
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